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holder of the first tourism certificate for the deaf and hard of hearing people
Creation and design of Tourna application, which introduces and describes ancient and historical monuments as well as tourist places in Iranian and international sign languages .
The initial implementation of the Tourna application was done by Mr. Hamed Niasari. with his continuous  and full-time efforts , it reached a stage where the need for a team work  and the formation of a group made up of Iranian deaf people was felt. Therefore, this application reached the final stage with the cooperation of several  deaf people and continuous follow-up.
With the support of Society of Deaf People Family , this application was introduced and unveiled on 2018/09/27 during the International Week of the Deaf and at the same time as World Tourism Day in an official ceremony at Milad Tower in Tehran.
This application has been approved by Iran’s Supreme Informatics Council . It also has a license to operate and publish from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran.
The working nature of Tourna application can be used not only for Iranian deaf people but also for different
strata of society and all age groups
I am the first Iranian deaf  who has managed to receive an official Iran touring and tourist guide card and organized the first specialized tourism tour for deaf people.  Because of being  fluent in international sign language, I accompanied the tourists for sightseeing in the cities of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, etc. This was the spark to start a new goal, i.e. I decided to accompany deaf foreign tourists in this matter.
In summary, after the necessary follow-up, several deaf tourists from foreign countries came to visit Iran and I was responsible for guiding them on their trip to several cities.
But I didn’t have a tourist guide card,  I decided to get a tourist certificate. I completed specialized tourism courses in tourism training institutions under the supervision of  the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts .Then, I successfully passed the comprehensive examination of tourism courses and the relevant commission and received my official guide card in Tehran in February 1400. I was introduced as the first tour guide for the deaf in Iran .
In June 1401, the official tourist guide card (special for the deaf and hard of hearing) was issued to me. This was an important and valuable event that happened for the first time in Iran in order to provide the conditions for benefiting from the knowledge, expertise and capabilities of deaf and hard of hearing people in the field of tourism. After receiving the card, my cooperation with various entertainment and tourism companies has started.
 We organized our first tour of Tehran with the presence of 33 deaf and hard of hearing tourists in Bazar and Oudlajan neighborhoods, a tour in which we presented useful and important historical information to tourists through sign language, and the tourists had a very different and desirable experiencefor the first time that day.
The interesting point in organizing this tour of Iran was the reaction of the citizens who passed by the deaf tourists. The citizens often stopped for a few minutes and watched the eagerness of the deaf tourists to know the identity and history of the capital , then  they became excited. with encouragements such as smile, kind look and nodding head as a sign of approval, they inspired motivation, good feeling and encouragement to the deaf tourists.
In a short period of time, the deaf and hard of hearing people widely welcomed the special tourism tours. Several tourism companies and agencies have started to organize tourism tours in other cities and outside of Tehran. Cities were selected one after another and tourists were registered according to their interests.
At the same time, foreign tourists also benefit from the services of special tourism tours for the deaf and hard of hearing, and Iran’s desert tourism and  Eco-tourism have flourished among them.
The development of specialized tourism for the deaf and hard of hearing in Iran and foreign countries has been targeted in such a way that deafness and hearing loss do not prevent them from engaging in the interests and talents of this group of people in the society.
Introducing of Tourna tourism team members:
1- Mr.  Mohammad Reza Bostan Afrooz
2- Mr. Ali Khalaji
3- Mr.  Nima Yazdi nia
4- Mr.  Nima Khatiblu
5- Mr. Behnam Kord
6- Ms. Maryam Shaker,  Iranian Sign Language interpreter
7- Ms. Mehrnosh Vahdi,  Iranian Sign Language interpreter
8- Ms. Maryam Abdoli,  Iranian Sign Language interpreter
9- Ms. Zahra Ghasemi,  English translator
10- Mr.  Mahdi Najari ( pardisan Travel Company )
11- Ms.  Sepideh Agha yari ( pardisan Travel Company
12- Mr.  Hamed Moharer ( pardisan Travel Company )
13- Mr.  Korsh Zare
14- Ms. Haleh Abedin Zadeh
At this point, I feel it necessary to sincerely thank the officials of the  Society of Deaf People Family and Iran’s Technical & Vocational Training Organization that supported Tourna’s tourism team, as well as the officials and stakeholders of the Supreme Informatics Council, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization.